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I love food.  I love eating food and cooking food and serving food to others.  It makes me sad when people say they can’t cook, because I think a lot of people are overly intimidated by recipes.  Really, there are only a few types of foods that require a lot of precision and can be wrecked easily, but your average dinner shouldn’t be one of those things.  Even if you don’t do things exactly like the recipe says, most things are salvageable and will still end up tasting good.  There are so many easy and delicious recipes out there, there’s no reason your average person shouldn’t be able to make a healthy and tasty meal for themselves and their family.

In the cooking section of this blog, I hope to share simple and fantastic recipes that anyone can make, regardless of their culinary expertise.  And I’ll post pictures of every step so there’s no confusion.  I hope everyone who reads this can find something they can try and can be successful doing!

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