Overall, I don’t believe that one needs fancy tools to cook a decent meal.  Basic pots and pans and spatulas usually do the trick, although sometimes the cheap things are more trouble than they’re worth.  But as I was looking through my kitchen, I realized that there are 2 tools that I can’t live without.

First is my kitchen scale.


This scale is digital and easy to store.  I use it for measuring ingredients for those more finicky recipes like breads and some cakes.  I measure flour with it most often, because depending on how you measure the flour in your cup measure (sifting first, scoopin & leveling, etc.) you can get very different amounts.  If I measure by weight, it’s always the same.

Second is my digital thermometer.

I use this probably more than just about any kitchen tool.  In fact, my first one broke and I was without one for a few days and nearly lost my mind.  It’s true.  I was on the brink of being shipped off to the loony bin.  But seriously.  It’s a great way to keep from over or undercooking your meat, making sure your water is the right temperature for your yeast, and reheating your leftovers to a safe temperature.

This model has magnets on the back so it can stick to your oven door and a long cord so you can put the probe into your meat and keep track of the temperature throughout the cooking process.  You can also set it to alert you when your food reaches the proper temperature.

If you’re considering one new kitchen gadget to get, I would definitely recommend one of these, especially the thermometer.  Go out and get one.  Or don’t.  But you should.

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