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Well, here we are again, with over a month in between my blog posts.  Geez.

I have several posts ready to be written, and a couple that were meant to be posted before Christmas, as they are Christmas related.  But Christmas kind of kicked my butt this year.  I’m still recovering.



Since my last post, I’ve worked on several projects, food and crafts alike.  We had a lefse party, which I had meant to blog about almost a month ago.  Lefse, if you don’t know, is a potato-based flatbread kind of thing.  Sort of like a thick crepe, only it’s rolled out like a tortilla.  In Norway, it seems lefse is not a holiday food, but around here it is most often made around Thanksgiving and Christmas times.

We also had a Christmas cookie decorating party, which is something that happens every year at my house.  We made fewer this year, but I’m still finishing off all sorts of cookies around here.  I’m kind of cookied-out.  Currently I don’t want to look at a dessert that isn’t chocolate.

But this year we bought some new supplies from Sweet Baking Supply and did super fancy stuff.

Look!  Aren’t they purdy?
Oh.  Wait.
Here are some.



While we’ve always made fancy sugar cookies at Christmas, we were inspired by the Pioneer Woman’s post, where she featured the creator of the blog Bake at 350. Her cookies are quite inspiring!  Ours still don’t quite measure up to hers, but I plan on making some adorable cookies for my friend Emma’s baby shower in a couple weeks.  Practice makes perfect, right?

I’m hoping in the next few days/couple weeks to blog a few recipes, like lefse, cardamom biscotti, and my new recipe for super amazing garlic bread.

I also have a couple of crafts that are nearly done that I’d love to post if I can ever finish them.


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