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I made a scarf.
It was for my friend Elizabeth.  For Christmas.  So I gave it to her a couple weeks after Christmas.  Because Christmas was like that this year.
Anyway.  It was a snowflake scarf.
First, I started out by making a snowflake template.

Then I turned it into a stencil.



I used some thin, pink jersey (which was completely heinous to work with, I might add) and mixed up some blue fabric paint and painted the stencil on both ends of the scarf.



Next, I pinned some white jersey behind the painted stencil and used a straight stitch and some beads to outline the snowflake and stitch the two fabrics together.




Then I took some tiny, very sharp scissors and carefully cut the top layer of the snowflake, leaving about a 1/4 inch border.  This is called a reverse applique, if you were wondering.
Which you probably weren’t.



Here’s what it looked like when it was done.



This is what the back looked like.  I trimmed the white so it wouldn’t add too much weight to the scarf.



Then I cut out another piece of the pink jersey (again, heinous) and sewed it to the back of the scarf.
I used a cross stitch to accomodate the stretch of the jersey, but I had never used that kind of stitch before and it was exceptionally difficult and took me 12 years to do.
12, I tell you.


Here’s the finished product.


The only plus of the fabric was that it’s very soft, and so makes a very comfy scarf.

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