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In a future time,
Children will work together
To build a giant cyborg!

First person to name that tune & the band who sings it wins!*

(*Disclaimer: No prizes actually involved. Winning only good for gloating to friends who may or may not read this blog.)

I made a robot onesie.  Hee hee.  It makes me smile.  I actually started this onesie months ago, but then Christmas happened.  And since we’ve already established Christmas made me it’s whipping-boy this year, you can guess how that went.

I made sure to make this on a onesie that my son could grow into, and it was sooo big when I first started this project.  Now that it’s done, he’s about to grow out of it.  My child is a giant.  He’s planning to outgrow me by the time he’s 10.  He thinks I don’t know this, but I can see him plotting.
First I started with a sketch.

Then I turned the sketch into a stencil of sorts and cut out all the parts from grey felt that I had ironed Heat’n Bond onto.  I also free-hand cut some shapes to go onto his face and body to be a mouth and dials and gauges and such.

After having made several onesies with a similar technique, I find it easiest to sew any buttons or overlapping pieces to one another before sewing it on to the onesie if possible.  It can be difficult to sew through more layers than needed.

I use a blanket stitch to attach it so the edges are less likely to fray.

The finished product!

This one was far more detailed than I usually make, which contributed to it not getting finished quickly.

Ain’t he cute? 🙂

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  1. >i LOVE this onesie, amber!!! wow!! soooooo wonderful! lov eyour blog, too.. always astounds me with your projects and gives me a good laugh with your hilarious attitude..

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