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So my grandma likes to bake.  And make people eat.  She’s a food-pusher extraordinaire.  It’s a good thing she makes delicious food.
However, she has a terrible problem with her actual written recipes.  Her recipe box is large and filled to overflowing with recipes written on scraps of paper and ancient recipes now unreadable.
So, for her birthday, my sister and I took on the arduous task of coming up with a new system for her.
We started by scanning her recipes onto our computers.  We have hundreds of scans that look something like this:

It was no small task to go through them.  We bought a binder.  This one:
It came with papers, recipe cards, and dividers, as well as some stickers and things.  It’s more like a recipe scrapbook.

It has places for pictures on the full pages.  We scrounged up some old, old pictures as well as some newer ones.

This one is a seriously old picture.  That was when my grandma was in high school, I think.
Mmm, Cranberry Fluff.  It’s some good stuff.

Aw, look at those little babies.  One is mine, one is my little brother.  My grandma is serious about her “salads.”  I can’t in all seriousness refer to them as salads.  They’re mostly made of jello and cool whip.

We made some divider pages, as well.

That entire binder now holds less than half of her recipes, I’m sure.  But it’s a start.  I’m guessing we’ll be working on it for years to come. ha.

On the plus side, though, we now have access to ALL of my grandma’s recipes.  I’m hoping to have a whole category of my grandma’s recipes to share with all of you.

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  1. >This is SUCH a great idea, Amber! Be sure and KEEP the originals! I have my mom's recipes like that and can hardly read them – but don't want to re-write them. I want to have my mom's writing!! Scanning is a good idea – then they won't keep getting more and more faded. Becky

  2. >this is the best gift you could ever give to a Grandmother in such a beautiful format!! I love it and how now the recipes that would've been lost (& unreadable) are preserved for the family. Mary K.

  3. >I don't see prayer bars, dream bars, ginger snaps, date bars, date rice krispy balls or pastys. oh yeah, and that hash brown potato dish thing…

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