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My cousin Samantha is having a baby. She’s due in less than two weeks now! But we had a baby shower for her at church a couple weeks ago. And my sister and I made cookies.

Sugar cookies.

Adorable baby-themed sugar cookies.

We had done this once before, for my friend Emma’s shower. But we forgot to take pictures. And now Emma has an adorable baby girl, Olive.

I digress.

So here are some pictures of the cookies we made.

This one was done by my sister. It’s the “Hawaiian shirt” motif onesie.

Then we have the hearts.

And the monkey onesies.

And, of course, the duckies!

We made some bottles, but so far we aren’t any good at bottles.

Here they are at the shower!

Elizabeth made fruit skewers.

Steph made caprese skewers. I could eat them all day.

Overall, I’d say it was a pretty decent spread from the next generation of church basement ladies.

Oh dear.

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