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I thought I’d write up a quick post to let you know what I’ve been up to lately.

I haven’t been doing a lot of crafting, unfortunately. Crafting takes up a lot more time than cooking, in general.  But I have a couple of projects up my sleeve that I will hopefully soon be blogging about. *fingers crossed*

Actually I haven’t done a ton of cooking the past few days, either.  But I do have a few things to share.

First: I went to Williams-Sonoma. Oh, how I love Williams-Sonoma. My parents gave us a gift card for Christmas of ’09, and it took me this long to figure out what to get there.

Here’s what I got.

First, I had to get the matching measuring spoons to my measuring cups.

I’m a big fan.

I also got a strawberry huller. I haven’t tried it out yet, but it looks awesome.

It’s like a claw.  Heh heh.

Then there’s this: A cherry/olive pitter.

Cherries are not yet in season, but since I was responsible for bringing olives to the Easter dinner this year, I made sure to get some that had not yet been pitted to try this baby out.

Verdict: it works well for some olives.  I had a Mediterranean blend of olives which had at least 4 different types of olives. The firmest of olives didn’t work as well, and neither did the smallest of olives, which just got pushed wholly through the hole.  But the soft to medium-firm olives worked quite nicely.

I hope it works well with cherries. 🙂

And lastly, this little number.

This one might be the most exciting one for me. I’m terrible at making hard-boiled eggs. Terrible. No matter whose set of instructions I follow, I end up with them either over- or under-cooked. This egg timer is made to be placed in the water with your eggs.  It changes color as the eggs cook to tell you how done they are.

It inspired me to make some boiled eggs, which I then dyed blue with a red cabbage.  True story!

Ain’t they purdy?

In other news…

We’re a week out from having planted our seeds indoors, and all but the rosemary has sprouted.  The tomatoes are especially happy.


Tonight I made baked ziti for dinner.

Recipe coming soon.

I promise. 🙂

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