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My son has a girlfriend.  It’s true.  Her name is Jo.
(Well, her nickname is Jo.) She is an older woman.  In fact, earlier this month she turned 1.

So, for her birthday, my sister and I decided to make her a shirt.  She’s kind of big for a onesie now.  She’s in 2T. There’s a reason she and my little man hit it off.  They’re both giant babies.

And insanely adorable, of course.

Jo was the first baby to kick off the wave of babies born at our church in the last year. Closely following her was another baby, who doesn’t have a nickname that I know of. So in the interest of privacy, we’ll call her “K.” Well, wait, let’s make it more like a real name. Let’s call her “Kay.”

Anyway, we also decided to make her a shirt.  And Kay’s sister, “B” (how about “Bea”?) also had a birthday in June.  Bea turned 3.  So of course, we made her a shirt, too.

For Jo we decided on a brown shirt with flowers. I didn’t take any in-process pictures of any of these because I’m a dork.

I used all floral prints (other than the yellow center on the middle flower) and actually used a set of flower cookie cutters to make templates for the flowers.

For Kay we decided on a cupcake.

Funny thing– I had made a cupcake onesie for a friend before, but couldn’t for the life of me find the stencil I had made.  So I drew out another one in my sketch book, and then the day my husband had surgery I took Jo’s shirt with me to work on in the waiting room.  My sister set out to do Kay’s while she was at my house babysitting with my mom.  She went to find the cupcake I had drawn (just days before) and it also disappeared.  So my sister drew a THIRD cupcake stencil, and this is it. 🙂

My sister did all the stitching for this one.

But I added a little cherry stem at the end. 🙂

For Bea’s, we had some trouble deciding what to do.  Bea is in my sister’s Sunday School class, and she remembered that Bea liked flowers, so we went with another flower one.  This time we went with a single flower with a ladybug.

Hello, Mr. Ladybug.

Wait, if it’s a ladybug, shouldn’t it automatically be a girl? Hmm.

Deep things to ponder.

We went with a button center on this one.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have Jo’s finished for her birthday party.  Kay and Bea had a combined party, and although we had finished Kay’s long before their party, Bea’s was still frantically being finished the day of the party and we missed it.  Whoops. We had to drop them on their doorstep after the party was over.

We’re sort of lame that way.

I never claimed promptness as one of my strengths.

Anyhow, I hope they still like their shirts, even if they didn’t come in the timeliest manner. 🙂

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