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This is the view from outside my front door.

Last night, the majority of the entire state of Minnesota was affected by strong thunderstorms with heavy wind gusts, and it took down a good chunk of our tree.

We were really lucky.  Well, no, I don’t believe in luck.  We were blessed that we didn’t get any real damage.

My sister’s car, which had just come out of the repair shop, was in our driveway when the branch fell. It didn’t even touch it.

It brushed our roof as it fell, making a sort of scary noise, but didn’t do any damage.

Other than the tree in our yard, there are no other signs of the storm up here.  The sun is shining bright and there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

I’m so thankful that as a result of the storm, all we have is a mess to clean up in our yard.  I know other folks weren’t as fortunate. While we were in the basement last night due to the severe weather sirens, we were listening to the radio and someone described seeing a house that’s roof was stripped down to the rafters from the winds.

My sister and my mom left our house shortly after the branch fell, and the storms got worse right after they left.  Thankfully they made it safely to their destination.

Just another reminder that no matter how much we think we everything in our lives under control, things can change in an instant. I know I’m blessed far beyond what I deserve, and it’s good to remember just how much I have.

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  1. Yes, we ultimately have no control over much of anything! I’d rather be in God’s hands than mine anyways. He has proven Himself to be a caring, loving Father over and over.

    We’re glad you were all safe.

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