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I’m dealing with a serious lack of motivation this week. Hence no posts until today.

Not that I have anything to post about, really. I have had no motivation to get anything done this week. Sure, I’ve done about fifty loads of laundry (ok, maybe not that many.  Maybe only 49.) but have I touched the half-a-dozen projects I need to finish?


I’m not sure why I’m suffering from such a lack of inspiration.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my house is a mess. I find it hard to think when it gets this cluttered, including being able to think through cleaning it up. It’s sort of problem. Especially since now my son’s favorite activity is strewing everything within reach across the floor.

I’m also having a terrible time keeping up with the kitchen clutter. A certain Little Man is not a big fan of staying in one place long enough for me to do dishes. I try while he naps, but sometimes it gets too noisy.

So, since I have no projects to post about, I’ll turn you all toward one of my favorite recipes (not one of my own.)

It’s become one of my go-to recipes when I’m not sure what else to make.  It’s way delicious and even pretty good for you.

I know, who knew those two things could go together?

It’s a recipe from Rachael Ray, and it’s called Lazy Florentine Lasagna.

Full of mushrooms and spinach, topped with a bechamel sauce and cheese.

I make it pretty much like she says, only I substitute mozzarella for the fontina, since I don’t keep fontina on hand and it’s a lot more expensive.  But if you ever feel like springing for it, it’s delicious!

The only complaint I have about it is that you use a lot of pots & pans to make it.  But it’s good enough that I can look past that.

I baked it in individual ramekins because they’re cute and fun.  Plus, then no one can be a cheese hog.  You each get the same amount on the top of your dish. And it stays warm for longer this way.

Check it out! It’s delicious.

Lazy Florentine Lasagna

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  1. Lasagna looks delicious! I’m a new blogger and checking out other blogs to learn how a blog is supposed to look. I really like yours: nice graphics, good personal narrative.

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