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A while back, I showed you this floral gift topper I made for my brother-in-law and his wife for their wedding gift.

After making that, I had an idea for another one, so when I went to my friend Emily’s wedding this past weekend I made this.

Last time I posted about these paper flowers, I linked to a post on The Pioneer Woman’s site where I got the instructions.  This time, I thought I’d give you my own since it’s a bit more detailed.

These flowers are seriously easy to make. I mean it. You would not believe how easy these are to make unless you try it yourself.

Do it.

You know you want to.

Start by choosing your papers. I wanted all shades of white and ivory (and some vellum) for the bridal feel I was going for. Whatever colors you choose, make sure the paper does not have a “wrong” side. It’s not a big deal if one side has more texture than the other, or a more pronounced pattern, etc. But both sides will show on these flowers, so you’ll want to make sure you like both sides & they work for the look you’re going for.

Next, cut your paper into squares. I wanted mine to be different sizes, so I cut squares from 2.5 to 4 inches wide.

Roughly cut the squares into circular-type shapes. I said roughly. Nobody’s getting graded on how well they can cut a circle.


Next, roughly cut your circular-type shapes into spirals. If you really feel the need to, you can draw the spiral lightly with pencil on your paper, but evenness is not important here. I find it easier to work with if I go ahead and cut off the last little circle in the middle of the spiral.

I used a quilling tool, and I’m pretty sure that’s the easiest option.  However, the link I got this from says you can wrap the paper around the end of a pencil or q-tip, so if that’s what you have it should work.

Start at the outside of the spiral, but put your quilling tool/pencil/q-tip on the inside edge, like pictured above, and keep wrapping the paper around it until you get to the end.

When you get to the end, it should look something like this.  Minus the band-aid, probably.

Very carefully take it off the quilling tool/pencil/q-tip.  It will unroll a bit, but keep an overall floral shape.

See how lovely it is?

When I went to put it on the box, I decided to cut a paper square slightly smaller than the top of the box to adhere the flowers to. I thought I would have a little more control over the flowers this way, rather than trying to glue it directly to the box.  And it seemed like it might be easier for the recipients to use the box again for something else if they wanted to.

I glued the flowers directly to the paper, as closely together as I could. Then I attached the paper to the top of the box with double-sided tape.

For the rest of the box, I used ivory ribbon, attached just inside the box with double-sided tape.

I put the card inside the box, since there wasn’t an easy way to fix it to the top or sides.

And there you have it. A custom-wrapped gift for way cheaper (and lets face it, way fancier) than you’d get most anywhere else.

Next I’ll show you what I made to put inside the box!

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