Month: August 2011

Grandpa’s Birthday Card

A while back I told you it was my grandpa’s birthday. Well, we finally got to celebrate on Friday.

The surgery on his eye apparently went well, but he still hasn’t had his vision return (the doctors say this is normal for now.)

So we went to my grandparents’ on Friday for a belated celebration, and that, of course, meant a gift and a card. (more…)


I had a pretty decent weekend. Today? Not so awesome. But I don’t want to talk about it today. So let’s talk about the weekend!

I actually did something worth blogging about, finally. It was a collaborative effort, really, between my husband and I. We made a new post for our mailbox.

The story of our mailbox goes back to when we bought the house, over 3 years ago. The house was foreclosed, and vacant. And at some point during that time, the mailbox had been damaged, and the post was broken in half.

There was a ton of work to do at the house, so as a “temporary” fix, my husband put it back together with a few screws. That, surprisingly, lasted until this last winter, when it snowed a whole heckuva lot and it got knocked over by a plow. So my husband fixed it. And then it got knocked over by a plow a second time. (more…)

Florentine Pasta Bake

Florentine pasta is pasta with spinach and a white sauce. There can be other things, too, but if you order something from a menu that says “florentine, ” you can be pretty sure it will have spinach and white sauce.


Napkin Rings

Ok, so I promised you all that I’d share the craft I made to put inside the pretty box with the card.

Emily and Zach had registered for some Fiesta dinnerware that I thought was really pretty. Unfortunately, when I looked at their registry, most of it was bought already.  So I decided to make something to go with it.

My mom had given me these really pretty red wooden beads that had belonged to my grandma. When she gave them to me, I wasn’t really sure what I could do with them, but then it came to me. Napkin rings! I decided not to do solid red beads, but to mix other colored beads with them to create a casual, fun, fiesta feel.