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Happy Labor day!

I thought I’d share an idea for a totally delicious sandwich. I can’t take credit for this idea, as a similar sandwich used to be on the menu at Bruegger’s Bagels a while back. Kind of a long time ago, actually. I was heartbroken when they didn’t have it anymore.

Just kidding, I wasn’t.  Now I just custom make my own sandwich like this if I order there. But it probably costs me more. I don’t even know anymore.

But I decided to make it myself at home.  Or at least a similar version.  Here it is:

Start with a bagel. Mine was an Everything bagel, but any savory bagel will do. Mine was just from the grocery store, but one from a bagel shop will definitely be better. Spread hummus on the bottom side of the bagel.

If you like olives, I highly recommend Trader Joe’s Kalamata Olive Hummus. You should go out and get some.


Then come back and make this bagel sandwich.


Are you back now?

Spread the other side with tomato paste. Sun-dried tomato paste is best, but I didn’t have any of that, so I just used the stuff I made a couple weeks ago. It’s definitely thinner than sun-dried would be, but still adds a very important dimension of flavor.

On top of the hummus, add some cheese. I used Provolone, but the sandwich from Bruegger’s had Munster. You can use whatever cheese you have on hand.  I like that Provolone is bagel-shaped, though. 🙂

On top of that, layer slices of tomato and cucumber, and some lettuce. If you have sprouts on hand, you should add those, too. Those were on the original sandwich, but I generally don’t have those on hand.

I love sprouts, but I find that they always spoil faster than I can eat them, so it kind of deters me from buying them. But I will definitely order them on a sandwich at a restaurant.

Top that all off with the other side of the bagel that you’ve put tomato paste on.

Then, enjoy. Simple as that!

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