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My baby is gone.

He’s been replaced by a little boy, and I’m not ok with it.

Today he got his first haircut. And now he doesn’t look like a baby anymore.

This isn’t the post I was planning to write today. I was going to write about cookies, but pretty much everything today turned out a bit different than planned. So I’m just rolling with it. Come back for the cookies post tomorrow.

We went to Kid’s Hair, and the staff there are great. Despite their best efforts, Little Man was not going to be happy about this milestone. He cried as soon as we put him in the chair.

By the way, I was feeling lazy, so I didn’t edit any of these photos. Sue me.

This was the best “before” shot I could get. So sad.

In hindsight, I should have taken him to the salon ahead of time so he could get more accustomed to the place before making him sit in a scary chair and having a stranger touch his head. You live & learn, I guess.

The hairdresser stepped away for a while to put on an Elmo dvd for him. He stopped crying for a little while then.

But then she came back.

Despite crying on and off, he sat surprisingly still for his haircut.

They even brought out a sweet bubble machine.

But it wasn’t enough.

All done!

Given all the sadness in his first haircut pictures, I had to take some better shots after he got home and wasn’t so sad.

So please excuse me while I indulge in my proud mommy-ness and post a bunch of pictures of my cute no-longer-a-baby boy.

He’s ancient. I can’t take it.

Mmm… leaves.


We ended up having to take him to the doctor again today, for yet another ear infection. I think that was a contributing factor in the extreme sadness at the hair salon. Sigh. This makes 3 ear infections in as many months. I think we’re headed for tubes. Boo.

And now my ear hurts.

It’s going to be a long week, and it’s only Tuesday, man.

Anyway. I’m totally heartbroken that Little Man is getting so old. But I don’t imagine it will stop any time soon.


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