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If you’re a parent of a small child, this story will probably sound a lot like your daily life. If you’re a parent of an older child, you might vaguely remember days like this. If you’re not a parent, this might help explain why your friends who are parents seem, well, crazy most of the time.

On Sunday, I made these, a homemade twix bar of sorts. They’re pretty good, but I overcooked the caramel a little, and I think the base could have been cooked longer. Anyhow, that’s not important. The important part was that, Sunday night before bed, I went to put them away in a tupperware container. I found the perfect sized one and lined up the bars nice and evenly. Then I went to get the lid.

We have a drawer of plastic containers. It’s a bottom drawer. Sometimes we let Little Man occupy himself by playing in this drawer. Often, that means containers and lids get strewn around the kitchen, and sometimes even the dining and living rooms.

So when I couldn’t find the lid in the drawer, I wasn’t concerned. I figured it had found its way underneath the island, which is where most of these things end up.

I looked there, and found that there were no tupperware items under there, which means it had recently been cleaned. Weird.

So I continued looking, under the dining room table, coffee table, rocking chair… still nothing.

The husband told me he remembered trying to use this container recently and being unable to find the cover.

This was not a good sign.

Still, I was hopeful.

We got out the flashlight and went searching. Under the buffet, the entertainment center, the pack n’ play. Still nothing. Our couch is very low to the ground, with just enough room for things to slide under, out of sight, and no way to reach underneath to retrieve them again. So I figured there was a good chance it had gotten under it. The husband lifted the couch and I pulled things out. Here’s what we found:

1. A bottle of hand sanitizer

2. A glow stick from the 4th of July

3. A top

4. 2 puzzle pieces

5. A hair elastic

6. Mini keychain flashlight

7. Christmas cardstock

8. No cover.

We looked everywhere. Even in our bedroom and the basement.

It was good we looked in the basement because I found 2 boxes with fall/winter clothes in them for Little Man that fit him right now. That weren’t in the other boxes that I already got out.

But still no cover.

We looked in so many places, we decided that the only option left was that it was in Little Man’s room, and as he was sleeping we weren’t going to check in there.

Yesterday, the husband checked all over his room.


I’m pretty sure the lid no longer exists. I’m kind of bummed, because it’s one of our better containers. Oh well. If we ever find it, I’ll let you know. Ha ha.

It’s probably in the garage. Or in a pile of leaves. Or in the refrigerator.

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    • I don’t think so, I’ve only brought the crocpot to church lately. It’s weird, because I remember using it not that long ago at home.

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