Oh, friends. This week has gotten away from me.

I have a few posts for you coming up, but as always, I’m short on time. And I have another card to make tonight. Or early tomorrow. Goodness.

I made pickles this week. I’ll give you a detailed post later, but they take a little time to get full flavor and I figured I should test them before I tell you to make them. 🙂

So I decided to update you on all the canning I’ve done this year. As you may remember, I was brand new to canning this year. I had been really intimidated by it, but found it much easier than I’d anticipated. So here’s what I’ve done.

In my last post about canning, I showed you the tomatoes & tomato paste I’d canned.

In addition to that, I made 3 different types of jam. Actually 4, but the strawberry freezer jam is already gone.

From left to right: Blueberry-Apple Jam from this book (my friend Elizabeth’s– I’m still hoping to get my own), Peach-Rosemary Jam from Martha Stewart (seriously, this might be the best jam I’ve ever had) and Chocolate-Cherry Jam, also from the book.

I canned 2 different kind of peaches:

On the left is Honey Spiced Peaches from the Ball canning site, and on the right are brandied peaches, from a recipe I won’t link you to because it was really vague and I only sort of followed it. I’m not sure I can even find it again. I’ve tried the spiced peaches, and they’re very tasty (heavily spiced) but I haven’t tried the brandied peaches yet. I hope they’re good. 🙂

And then the pickles. The left one is bread & butter pickles I made using my grandma’s recipe (step-by-step coming soon!) and the right one is a dill refrigerator pickle I modified from this recipe. The changes I made to that recipe include swapping the cider vinegar for white vinegar, using yellow onion instead of spring, and adding dill weed and mustard seed.

I think that’s pretty good for my first summer. I hope next year to do a lot more. It’s really fun! It takes a little time (the tomatoes more than anything, I think) but it’s not difficult. And there are so many resources on the internet for tips & techniques!

I hope you consider canning sometime soon. It’s great to know what goes into your food and it tastes better, too!

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