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Happy Thanksgiving!

My sister and I made these cookies yesterday to bring to our respective Thanksgiving gatherings. We made leaves, acorns & pumpkins.

We started out by using chocolate cookies this time, a recipe from Lilaloa called “The End All for Chocolate Cookies Recipe.” She was right. These cookies taste like brownies. I almost ate them all before we decorated them. But that would have made for a kind of boring blog post, no?

We used 20-second icing for the base, which eliminated the need for piping around the edges and let the background dry more quickly so we could pipe on top of it the same day.

Using a squeeze bottle, squeeze the icing onto the cookie. I outline first, then fill in.

You’ll still have to spread it to even it out a little with a toothpick to get it smooth.

For the pumpkins, we used Sugarbelle‘s idea for making dimensional pumpkins, only we didn’t pipe it out first.

We did the outsides in 20-second icing, waited an hour or two for it to dry, then filled in the middle the same way.

When the middle was dry, we added vines.

For the acorns, we filled in the bottom, let it dry, then filled the top & waited a minute or two, then sprinkled it with chocolate sanding sugar.

We added a little bit of bronze luster dust mixed with a clear extract to add a little something else.

We kept the leaves simple with some veins piped on in the middle.

For my family gathering, I made personalized ones to use as place cards.

These cookies were so easy to make, and they might be some of my favorites that I’ve ever done. 🙂 And most delicious.

I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving!

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