Month: December 2011

Forgotten Kisses

Well, friends. It’s nearly Christmas. And if you’re thinking you might want to bake just one more batch of cookies before the weekend, may I offer up one of my favorites? It’s different than most Christmas cookies, plus it’s easy to make and light to eat.

Forgotten kisses. It was my Lola‘s recipe and we’ve made it at Christmas for as long as I can remember. They’re mint meringues with bits of chocolate that just melt in your mouth. (more…)

Christmas Cookies 2011

Hey peeps.

This week has been totally nuts. And will continue to be nuts because it’s almost Christmas! Anyway, I wanted to share with you all the sugar cookies we made for Christmas this year. They’re pretty cute! But because I’m short on time, these pictures are unedited, and have very little descriptors… I hope you all are ok with that. πŸ™‚

I used the same sugar cookie recipe I usually do, only I added 1 tsp. cardamom, 1 tsp. cinnamon and 1/4 tsp. freshly ground nutmeg. I also used 1 tsp. almond extract and no vanilla. I flavored the royal icing with 1 tsp. almond as well. We had some icing consistency issues, so they’re not quite as detailed as they usually are. But I think they’re still ok. πŸ™‚

O Christmas trees (more…)

Oh, toddlers.

A couple of months ago, I posted about a missing tupperware lid. That tupperware lid stayed missing for quite some time.

A few days ago, Little Man opened up the tupperware drawer and completely emptied it. We had plastic containers strewn throughout the entire house. After he went to bed, the husband & I went around and collected the items back up.

Then we went to put away our supper leftovers. I took out a plastic container to put it in, and realized the lid was missing.

But you know what?

The other lid was back.

I have no explanation.

Easy Gift Wrap

Sorry I’ve been a little light on the posts lately. It’s Christmastime! That means there’s a whole lot going on at all times over here.

But I’m proud to say: I’m done with all my Christmas shopping! Now all that’s left is the baking. Christmas goodie recipes to come soon!

Anyway, today’s post is about gift wrap. I’m one of those people who wants all the presents under the tree to coordinate every year. So usually, I go out and buy 3-4 rolls of fancy shmancy Christmas wrapping paper in coordinating colors & patterns. The problem is that we never use up all of them in one year, and I can’t use the stuff from previous years because it doesn’t match!! And then my husband usually goes and spoils the whole thing by wrapping his presents to me in whatever wrapping paper he can find in the bin. I know, can you believe it??

This year, I didn’t feel like buying more Christmas wrapping paper that was just going to end up cluttering up my wrapping paper box and be rejected for use in future years. So I decided to simplify things. (more…)

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