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1.) I’m feeling cruddy today. I’ve been fighting off a cold for nearly a month now, and I think it’s finally caught up to me.

2.) I’ve been browsing and I’m impressed by the different dishes she makes in the crock pot. Inspired, I thought I’d try adapting one of my favorite recipes to the crock pot for dinner tonight. It didn’t work. I mean, I think there’s potential there, but it needs some serious revision. Serious. We ate it, but I’m not sure how motivated we’ll be to eat the leftovers.

3.) Despite not feeling well, I still made cookies. Not just any cookies, but my ultimate Chewy Chocolate Chip cookies. Those are certain to make me feel better. Plus it gave Little Man a distraction from his favorite pass-times of a) trying to push buttons on my laptop, b) trying to push buttons on the TV, c) climbing on tables, and d) climbing all over me. He is always excited when the mixer is turned on and this was the first time I’d let him actually help me. Mostly I measured things and let him dump them into the bowl. He did better than I expected.

4.) I would now like to curl up in a ball and pretend I have nothing else I’m responsible to do tonight.

5.) I finished a super cute craft today. It’s a gift, so I’ll have to wait to share it with you until next week. But it’s awesome, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Happy Thursday!

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