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So since NONE of you made ANY guesses on my last post, I’m just going to have to tell you. I mean, it’s really too bad, because I had a HUGE prize for the first person to guess right. I was going to send you a giant check like they give you when you win Publishers Clearing House. And a pony. And a fruit-of-the-month basket.

But you missed out. And I’m so upset that none of you guessed, I won’t ever have another giveaway as big as that one would have been. Just sayin’.

Ok, I’m over it. Now I’ll show you the super cute stuff my sister & I made for my cousin.

My cousin, Kyra, is preggers. She’s apparently 6 months pregnant, but she looks like she’s about 6 weeks pregnant. When I was 6 months pregnant, I looked full term. I had one seriously giant baby bump. Anyway. Her husband is in the military and was recently transferred to Germany, so she’ll be taking her little baby bump over there to join him next week. She came up to visit over this past weekend, so my sister and I decided to make her a little something to take with her.

My sister & I made these designs together and split up the work. We started the same way we always start, by sketching, then turning the sketch into a stencil. (For more information about the process, check out the monster onesie I made last year.)

My sister made a racoon onesie.

Isn’t he cute? I’m not sure raccoons actually like mushrooms, but it’s way cuter than a garbage can. 😉

I made an owl in a tree.

Which, if you didn’t notice, is what the sneak peek was.

I also made a coordinating bib. Notice little man’s hand trying to sneak in the photo. He always wants the camera.

Also, I always notice things like wrinkles when I upload pictures. When I’m taking the photo, I don’t even see it. Goodness.

I like these little ‘shrooms. 🙂

My sister also made this adorable bunny hat. I can’t say much about how it’s made because I don’t crochet. If, however, you crochet and want to buy the pattern, we found it here.

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  1. Those are so cute! And I had a huge baby bump with both of my daughters lol. I looked full term very early on, to the point where strangers kept asking if I was having twins, or just a huge boy.

    • I know what you mean! By the time I was *actually* full term, I got so many of the “are you having twins?” questions! Nope, just a 9 lb 3 oz boy! I went back to my old workplace when Little Man was a few months old and there was a woman there who was 9 months pregnant who looked like I did at 6 months. 😛

      • Lol the worst part is I didn’t have big babies! My first was 5 lb 9 1/2 oz & 18 1/2″ (born at 39 weeks) and my second was 7 lb 3 oz and 20 1/2″ (born at 37 weeks, 2 days). They just really popped my belly out!

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