Month: February 2012

The View From Here

This is the view outside my window today.

We had a storm come in last night. It started with freezing rain, and eventually turned to snow.

This is actually the most snow we’ve had on the ground all winter, I think. It’s been a strange one here in Minnesota. (more…)

Thank You Cookies

So I told you in my last post that my Lolo passed away last week. Well, while he was in the ICU for two and a half weeks, he was attended to by many wonderful nurses. So the family wanted to give them a token of our appreciation. And what better says “Thank you” than cookies? (more…)

Thank You

Hi friends,

I just wanted to thank you all who prayed for my Lolo (grandpa), or who encouraged us with your kind words. My grandpa passed away on Wednesday, after having suffered a heart attack sometime late Monday or early Tuesday. While we are sad that he left us, we are encouraged to know he is with God, and is no longer experiencing pain, and is no longer dealing with the limitations of his earthly body.

My posts in the next week or two will likely be few and far between, but I have a few things to share with you. Thank you so much for your support to me and my family during this difficult time.

If you are the praying kind, would you continue to lift my family up in your prayers? And also thank the Lord that my dad and brother will be able to make it here from the Philippines in time for the memorial service, and they will get to meet Little Man for the first time! I’m so excited to see them after a year and a half.

Thank you again. You all mean so much to me!

Steampunk Valentine Cookies

Steampunk Valentine Cookies -by amber's hands-

Ok, true confession: I’m kind of a geeky girl. I mean, I don’t go to conventions, but I grew up on Star Trek: The Next Generation, am an avid Doctor Who fan, still mourn the cancelling of Firefly, and watch dumb SyFy movies for fun. The latest sci-fi related thing I’m getting into is Steampunk. I realize I’m kind of late to the party on this one. But the more I read Epbot, the more I’m loving it.

But since I don’t go to conventions and the husband hates costume-related parties of any kind, there’s a limit to the useful steampunk crafts I can make. But then I realized steampunk would be a wicked cool theme for Valentine cookies. I’ve been crazy excited about making these for weeks, but haven’t had the chance until this weekend.


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