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This is the view outside my window today.

We had a storm come in last night. It started with freezing rain, and eventually turned to snow.

This is actually the most snow we’ve had on the ground all winter, I think. It’s been a strange one here in Minnesota.

There’s a certain beauty to it, no doubt.

But it makes things difficult. All my plans for today went out the window in favor of staying safe by staying off the icy roads.

This weather reflects my mood today well.

This year has done its best to kick my butt so far, and I can feel its weight pressing heavily on me.

And yet there’s a serenity.

I can’t really explain it.

Here’s to hoping that in not too long the snow melts, giving way to spring, bringing with it new life and a freshness I’ve been missing.

Until then I’ll do my best to find solace in the quiet moments, to see the beauty in the heaviness, knowing this season will give way to another in its time.

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