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Ok, guys. To be honest, I meant to have this post done way earlier in the day than it is. Oh well.

This recipe is one my friend Elizabeth introduced me to. It’s kind of hokey, but I think it’s cute. And it’s perfect for kids. For Easter.

They’re Resurrection Rolls. You’ll see why in a minute.

These are crazy easy to make, by the way. Little Man helped me with them. You know they have to be easy if an 18 month old is your sous chef.

So grab your kids, your grandkids, your neighbor’s kids, or random kids off the street and get going!

You need 4 ingredients. A can of jumbo biscuits, marshmallows, sugar, and cinnamon. I guess you’ll also need a little flour for your work surface, but not much.

Lightly flour your work surface.

Then get your cutest little helper to roll out each biscuit until it’s thin.

Mix some cinnamon in with your sugar. I used about 3 Tbsp. sugar to 1 Tbsp. cinnamon. But the ratio isn’t really crucial. I didn’t bother measuring at all.

Place the rolled out biscuits on a parchment lined baking sheet. I highly recommend the parchment, because things can get messy and it makes clean up a bazillion times easier. A bazillion.

Place one marshmallow on each biscuit, off-center a bit.

If you’re Little Man, this means squish the marshmallows into oblivion.

Then take about a teaspoon of cinnamon & sugar and sprinkle it in the middle of the biscuit. It’s important to keep this away from the edges, so if you’re doing this with small children you might want to do this part for them, or supervise them closely. Little Man decided that “helping” at this point meant eating as many marshmallows as he could.

Fold the biscuit over the marshmallows, making sure to press it tightly around the marshmallow.

Then pinch the edges to seal. It doesn’t have to be pretty. If your kids are doing it, it won’t be. I made sure to make these look like they were done by a 5-year-old. Completely intentionally. For your sake.

You will need to make sure these are pretty well sealed in order for them to work. If you’re afraid that yours won’t seal well, you could brush some egg wash around the edges before you fold it over.

You could leave it at this and they would be delicious.

But I’m not good at leaving things.

So I brushed them with melted butter.

Then sprinkled them with a little more cinnamon & sugar.

Bake according to the package directions on your biscuits. Mine said to bake them at 350˚ for 15 minutes, which worked out just fine.

When they come out, they won’t look too different…

Until you cut them open.

They’re empty! Like the tomb.

Hence the name: Resurrection rolls.

In this analogy, Jesus is a marshmallow. Don’t push the metaphor too far.

But they are delicious.

And they’re Little Man Approved.

Make them with your little ones for Easter brunch this year. And give them a little visual reminder of why we celebrate.

He is Risen!

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