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I have this feeling… like a vague, far-off memory…

that I used to write a blog…

Ok, I swear I didn’t drop off the face of the earth. But I’ve had a ridiculous number of things going on, not the least of which was my friends’ Nate & Elizabeth’s wedding!

And many things other things were neglected, not the least of which was this blog. Or my house, which is slowly coming back from the brink of chaos and… disgusting…ness.

Anyway. Back to Nate & Elizabeth’s wedding.

So. Funny story.

My sister and I sang at the wedding. So we went to church a couple of hours early to run through stuff and sound check and such. When I got to church, I realized I had forgotten to bring my camera. So I texted the husband and asked him to bring it when he came. Well, he didn’t get the text for a couple of hours, until he was already on the road. So he turned around and went back home and managed to get to the church with a little time to spare along with my mom and Little Man.

Since my sister & I were singing, we sat up at the front. Since Little Man is 19 months old, they sat in the back. And somehow I forgot to get the camera from them when they came. So even though I had a perfect position for taking great pictures of the wedding, I couldn’t.

But look! It’s me, my friend Steph, and my sister! It’s… almost as good…

Anyway. I have 2 crafty things to show you. One is food related.

We made wedding cookies for the reception! These are some of my favorites we’ve ever made.

They’re Little Man approved! I’ll show you more details in another post. Of the cookies being made, not Little Man eating them.

The other craft is papery.

It’s the wedding card I made for them. I also made a cute decoration for the top of their gift, but I forgot to take pictures. Oh well.

So, I was going to do a whole post on one of these today, but I realized it’s almost Mother’s Day and I should probably do some Mother’s Day crafts first, in case you want to make any of them. But no worries, I will post details about these two crafties later.



Mother’s Day crafts coming soon.

Stay tuned… or something.

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