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So what’s a girl to do when after she’s made 4th of July whoopie pies and she’s left with a ton of red velvet scraps (not to mention some frosting that didn’t turn out quite right?) Why, make cake pops of course!

In case you’re not familiar with cake pops, they were created by a lovely blogger named Angie over at Bakerella. She’s totally awesome. Anyway. After she invented them, they started cropping up everywhere. 

Anyway, I’d never tried making them before, but they’re a perfect way to use up cake scraps!

Basically, you crumble up cake, add frosting, then roll into balls. These looked strangely like meatballs at first. Put on lollipop sticks, chill to ease dipping, and then dip in melted candy melts. For instructions from the master herself, check out Bakerella’s post here.

I put too much frosting in mine, which made them a little fragile & made it harder to work with at every step. So my advice is to add the frosting a little at a time and don’t use more than you need to get the cake to stick together.

I kept mine simple with some 4th of July-themed sprinkles, but Angie makes the most amazing things you’ve ever seen with these. You should definitely check them out.

Plus the red velvet cake is a festive surprise. Oh, and totally delicious!

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