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It’s been a while since I shared any fabric crafts. So here’s a shirt I made for someone special.

I made this shirt (along with another one I’ll share later) for a shower. Not a typical baby shower, but a shower for a 3 year old boy. If you’re thinking that sounds unusual, you’d be right. But this was for him and his new parents. See, this little dude has been going to our church for some time. First as a foster child with one family at our church, then as a foster-to-adopt child with another family in our church. And then, a few short months ago, his adoption was finalized. Hooray! So we had a shower.

And I made him a shark shirt.

I used two fabrics, one in a dark grey and one in white with varying grey tones in the pattern. As always, I start with a sketch, make a stencil, and then use Heat n’ Bond to adhere the fabric to the shirt before hand sewing with a blanket stitch.

Then followed by waiting too long to take pictures and having to snap some quick ones in funktastic lighting that no matter how much I try to edit, won’t show true colors… (end rant.)

A little black button for an eye…

and some “gills.” (I used a back stitch for these.)

And that’s it! Pretty simple and super cute.

One of these days, I swear I’ll make a whole how-to.

For now, you can check out my Robot Parade and Mommy’s Little Monster posts for a slightly more detailed look at my process (bonus: picture of a wee Little Man in the 2nd one!.)

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