Month: August 2012

PB ‘N B French Toast Redux

Ok, friends. This is not a new recipe. In fact, this is the first recipe I ever posted on this blog. And it’s a goodie.

But here’s the thing. The first time I made it for you, Little Man was less than 2 months old. Which meant that I didn’t have a ton of time for these things, and that most of my cooking happened after he went to bed (i.e. after it was dark.) So the pictures I posted were terrible. That didn’t stop many of you from leaving lovely comments on how delicious it sounded. But it’s bugged me for a long time.

So, recently I made this again and decided to take pictures of the process. This time I made it for breakfast, so natural light was plentiful. I left the directions mostly the same, but this time we made 4 sandwiches instead of 3, since Little Man loves himself some french toast.

To review, the PB N B in the title stands for Peanut Butter, Nutella & Banana.  In french toast. It’s pretty much all kinds of awesome. I mean, seriously. How can you go wrong with that combo?  This isn’t so much a recipe as an idea.  I don’t follow a recipe when I make french toast, so if you have a favorite recipe, you can easily use it when making this. (more…)

Black & White Birthday Card haven’t posted a card in a while, and I found this while going through my old photos. It’s a card I made for my mother-in-law’s birthday back in May and forgot to post.

I didn’t take in-process photos again (I’m always in such a hurry when I make cards) but this is really simple to make if you have the right materials.

This card illustrates why it can be really helpful to buy coordinating materials. If you go to the craft store, you’ll find lots of matching papers & embellishments. I’ve never really been one to buy those things together, but after making this card, I will.

This paper was part of a gift my grandma gave me last Christmas. It’s by Creative Memories and is part of a larger set.


Savory Corn Pancakes with Smokey Cherry Jam and Pulled Pork

How’s that for a long title?

This is shaping up to be the kind of week where I don’t get much posted here. After my day on Monday, I felt like it should be significantly closer to the weekend than it was. We’ve had ongoing appliance issues this past month, and right now the refrigerator repair man is here for the 2nd time in a few weeks. Yay.

So I don’t really have a recipe for you, just an idea. I made this for lunch on Sunday. We had leftover pork shoulder that I got to take home after an awesome Fortify gathering, but it wasn’t quite enough for a full meal for Hubs and me. I had just made some smokey cherry jam, and at first planned to make sandwiches with the pork and jam and some tasty cheese. But then I remembered seeing a recipe for corn pancakes and had a crazy idea that they all might work together.

This was really tasty. It still felt like there should be some sort of sauce, since it was pancakes and all, but I couldn’t quite figure out what it would be. The pancakes were really moist, though, so it didn’t really need it. But if you have a fantastic idea, I’d love to hear it!

Here are the recipes I used:

Corn Pancakes

by smitten kitchen. I omitted the sugar & vanilla to make them savory, but other than that followed the recipe. I had to add a little bit more flour, too, to get it the right consistency.

Smokey Roasted Cherry Jam

by Eating Well. I made this as instructed, but I think if I made it again I’d use more smoked paprika.

Make the pancakes, top with the jam and some slow-roasted pork shoulder. Garnish with cilantro. You’re done!

He Wears His Sunglasses At Night– Dino Shirt

I’m finally getting around to posting this hip dinosaur shirt that I made along with the Shark Shirt for a sweet little 3-year old boy.

I wanted to make him 2 shirts, but wanted each to be a different color. I couldn’t find plain t-shirts at my local Target, so I found some at the craft store. However, my only choices were white and black.

White is easy to work with, because most colors & patterns work well on a white background. However, as a parent, I know white is not always ideal when you’re dealing with young kids.

This was the first time I’d made one of my designs on black, and I wanted to make sure it popped. I picked this lime green pattern because I thought it would make a good dinosaur pattern and would be nicely offset by the black.


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