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So I’ve been working on this project…

I started it while my mom was here, and I haven’t gotten as much done on it as I’ve wanted. This thing has been in the works for a better part of the year (It’s August already?? You’ve got to be kidding me!) and I’m just not able to spend as much time on it as I want.

It’s something I’m making for Little Man. Who is 22 months old. Which means that pretty soon this thing I’m making for him will be obsolete because it’s taken me so gosh-darn long to do it. Luckily it’s not clothes or I’d be completely out of luck. So far the parts of it that I’ve made he’s still been interested in, but I’m seriously pushing things here.

Anyway. The only thing that’s made it even sort of possible for me to do is my new sewing machine. I’ve talked to you before about how much I hate sewing machines. I’ve always hated sewing machines for as long as I can remember, and I assumed I always would. If you’ve noticed, the vast majority of fabric crafts on this blog are hand-sewn. So, imagine my surprise when I found a sewing machine I actually enjoyed using.

I had a sewing machine already, but it made me say swears every time I used it. I could not for the life of me get the tension to be right EVER and it would randomly freak out on me in the middle of projects. I happened across this machine on Amazon and it had really really good reviews. And a really really inexpensive price for a sewing machine. Plus, it’s a Brother, which is a reputable brand of sewing machine. I honestly couldn’t believe that there was a sewing machine out there at this price that was worth anything. So I had my mom take a look at it, and she thought it might be worth purchasing.

So I did.

And, seriously? I LOVE this machine. I never thought I’d say that about a sewing machine ever. It’s so easy to use, even for a sewing machine failure like me.

It has über fancy stitches.

And it’s all computerized. And has really helpful buttons like a needle position button. So I never have the needle in not-quite-the-right-spot when I start sewing and get things all screwy. It also has a slider to change the speed. So if I have it set at “medium” it never goes faster than that. Which is good because I sometimes my foot freaks out and pushes the pedal more than I intended.

Like I said, I’m kind of a sewing machine idiot.

But even I can use this one. Also, it comes with way more attachments than most. There’s a quilting foot & table (not that I’m a quilter, so I can’t tell you how well that works.) And loads of other things, most of which I haven’t tried yet.

One caveat, this thing is pretty light weight. Which so far hasn’t been a problem, but you might find that if you’re sewing jeans or something super heavy like that it doesn’t hold up as well as heavier models. But I’ve sewn through several layers of felt, and layers of felt & canvas, and I haven’t had any problems.

Anyway. I just thought I’d share my new find, since I’m having so much success with it. I’ve used it for a few months now, and haven’t had any trouble with it. Well, except for the one time I put the needle in wrong. Me <– sewing machine dunce.

And just so’s you know– This is not any sort of paid/compensated review. Just my opinions on a machine that I like.

And that’s saying something, coming from me.

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