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I’m finally getting around to posting this hip dinosaur shirt that I made along with the Shark Shirt for a sweet little 3-year old boy.

I wanted to make him 2 shirts, but wanted each to be a different color. I couldn’t find plain t-shirts at my local Target, so I found some at the craft store. However, my only choices were white and black.

White is easy to work with, because most colors & patterns work well on a white background. However, as a parent, I know white is not always ideal when you’re dealing with young kids.

This was the first time I’d made one of my designs on black, and I wanted to make sure it popped. I picked this lime green pattern because I thought it would make a good dinosaur pattern and would be nicely offset by the black.

Problem was, the lime fabric was thin– so when I initially set it over the black shirt, the green lost a lot of vibrancy. So I ended up having to first fuse the green to a white fabric and then stitch that onto the shirt. It made it a little more difficult since I had to sew through that extra layer the whole way around. But in the end it was worth it to get the really vibrant green.

And of course, the dinosaur had to be ultra cool, so I added these kicky sunglasses.

All was hand-stitched with a blanket stitch, as usual.

Sharks, dinosaurs…

What are the little boys in your life into?

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