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World's Greatest Pop Card -by amber's hands-

Father’s Day is just around the corner, so I’m going to show you how to make an easy card for the pun-loving father in your life.

I made this for my Father-in-law last year, but I forgot to take any in-process shots. However, the concept is really simple, so I’ll tell you about what I did and I’m sure you can recreate it easily!

You’ll need white cardstock, cream-colored paper that can be used in a printer, red cardstock, and 3 colors of cream/off-white cardstock. And a blank card, of course.

You’ll need to format “World’s Greatest Pop” on your computer in your preferred font. I also included some lines for more visual interest. You may need to experiment with size and print a few on your sheet in different sizes so you can choose which one works best in the end. This will depend on the size of card you begin with and the exact size of your “popcorn container.”

Cut out the overall shape of the container in the white cardstock. Then cut red strips to lay over it. Glue them down (just onto the white– don’t glue the white down yet) and trim them on top & bottom so they align with the white.

Then glue on your “World’s Greatest Pop” label. Make sure to trim that even with the edges as well so it looks like it goes around the whole container. Now glue the whole thing onto the card.

To make the “popcorn,” I cut out popcorn shapes free-hand so they wouldn’t all be exactly the same. Then I glued them on in layers, making sure that a few of them hung over the top of the container.

Ta-daa! You’re done.

Stay tuned for another card idea coming soon!

World's Greatest Pop Card -by amber's hands-
World's Greatest Pop Card -by amber's hands-

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  1. I think you secretly made this post just for me to use on the Dad who likes puns, chocolate, the outdoors, and nothing that can be bought. Except the chocolate, which I already took care of. So now I can give this to him as well, and I`ll just stick it in a frame. Perfect!

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