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HOT Grilling Card -by amber's hands-

Ok, guys, Father’s Day is right around the corner. And maybe last week’s World’s Greatest Pop card isn’t your thing. So here’s another option.

I made this last year for Hubs when I gave him some nice grilling supplies. And as a side note, this card is in no way Father’s Day specific, so you can use it for a birthday or whatever as well.

This card is fairly simple, and looks more impressive than it is. So let’s get to it, shall we?

Let’s talk supplies. You will need:

A blank card
-Black paper
-Silver paper
-Black pen
-Hole punches– One standard, one super tiny
Irridescent 3D paint (optional)
-Large red alphabet stickers (optional– note: these are not the same as I had, but might work)

Start out by making cutting a circle out of black paper and gluing it a bit above center on the front of the card.

Next you’re going to cut out a half-circle with some little “tabs” on the sides as you see above, to look like the cover of the grill. Glue on top of the first circle.

Then cut two small silver rectangles of the same size.  Glue one in the center of the circle and one floating above it. Draw two lines between the top rectangle and the circle.

Next, cut out a small silver circle. Use the teeny hole punch to punch 3 circles into the middle of it.

Glue this to the top of the circle, off to the side a bit. The top half is done, so now it’s time to turn to the lower half.

Use the standard hole punch to make 3 silver circles. I glued them to a black piece of paper and then hand-cut the black with a border around the silver. Glue them to the card as shown above.

Ok, so here’s a slightly tricky part, depending on how confident you are with a pen. Draw 3 straight lines from the bottom center of the grill to each wheel. Then draw an oblong oval-y thing in the middle. Very specific terms I’m using here. Ha.

Now, if you want, you can add some steam/smoke with this stuff. I find 3D paint to be fun on cards. It’s like the puffy paint you used to put on shirts in the 80’s. Only you don’t put it on your clothes, just cards. 🙂

I would recommend practicing on a scrap sheet of paper to get a feel for how hard you want to push. I’ve used this stuff a bunch and still regret that I didn’t do that this time. The steam swirls ended up thicker and chunkier than I was wanting. But hakuna matata.

Ok, so if you want, you can leave this card as-is. And if you’re making this for your father or grandfather, I recommend it. However, I was making this for Hubs, so I added one more thing.

Again, you should probably save this last embellishment for your significant other. I found these stickers at Target and they’re pretty much perfect, especially since the grilling stuff I got him was all black & red. I also made him some grilling towels, which I had meant to take pictures of and post, but it never happened. Maybe I’ll try to do that next year. Ha. ha. aha.

Anyway, there you have it! A fun card for a special guy in your life.

And a happy Father’s Day to Hubs, my dad, my father-in-law, and my grandpa! Love you guys!

HOT Grilling Card -by amber's hands-
HOT Grilling Card -by amber's hands-

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