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So my last post was about my craft closet. Now, as much as I wish I did, I just don’t have the space in my house to have a dedicated craft room. So my craft room doubles as my guest room. It’s also the smallest bedroom in our house, so we’ve had to come up with space-saving solutions to make it work.

This is what we have going on right now. There are a couple of pieces we still want to add/replace to make it work even better, but right now it still works pretty well.

This is what it looks like as a guest room. We have a filing cabinet doubling as a bedside table. This is not actually because I have anything stored in there, but because we needed to add a bedside table in a pinch and this is what we had already. This is an item I’d like to replace with something a little less… functional-looking.

On another wall is this narrow table where I set out towels for my guests and sometimes a vase of flowers. Table from Ikea.

This is my craft closet. We keep the doors closed when we entertain guests.

In one corner, we still have this open wire shelving thing that houses my current projects. I have way too many half-finished things here. Eventually, we’d like to put a small set of dresser drawers here to hide this clutter and give at least a drawer or two for guests to use.

And now here’s how it works as a craft room.

The closet opens up to allow access to all my craft supplies.

The narrow table opens up to give me a little table space…

Or a lot.

I’m still missing a chair. I want to find a chair that’s adjustable height, but that doesn’t look like an office chair. I want it to look like a nice arm-chair that you might have in a bedroom. But so far I haven’t found one in my price range.

We would also like to replace the bed in this room with one we’ve seen at Ikea. It’s a twin-size daybed that pulls out to become a king. The one we have in there now is a double, which is both kind of big for when I try to craft in there, and kind of small if we have a couple stay with us.

Anyway, that’s how we’re making it work for us right now. I hope it gives you ideas for your own space!

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