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Woah, guys.


It’s been ages since I posted. So here’s a quick recap of my life in the last several months before I get back into (hopefully) regular posts.

So there was a wedding. Remember like 12 years ago when I talked about that coming up? Well, it happened. In July.

Photo by cocoriah photography

Aw, look at my pretty sister! And hey– that’s me.

I made a bazillion tiny macarons for the reception. I made three kinds– lavender lemon, balsamic strawberry & chocolate, and green tea ginger. I assume they were good, because I never got to taste any at the reception. Turns out I should’ve made two bazillion.

Photo by cocoriah photography

Oh, and here’s me blubbering like a fool giving my Matron of Honor toast. Clutching the pearls and everything.

But really, here’s the picture you need to see:

photo by cocoriah photography

Little Man was the ring bearer and he was awesome. And adorable. And awesome. And adorable. And adorable. Did I mention adorable?

Besides the wedding, Little Man had a birthday.

We kept it fairly low-key this year and just invited a few of his friends. It was a Freight Train themed (based on the book by Donald Crews) because Little Man loves that book.

We made some sugar cookies to match the book. Not my finest, but the kids loved them. So that’s what mattered. 🙂

Oh, and there’s one major thing that contributed to why I haven’t posted in several months.

photo by frost on flower digital photography

We’re expecting #2! I’ve been dreadfully sick, so I have cooked and crafted almost nothing for the past few months– mostly I’ve stayed in bed constantly. Can I just say that morning sickness is a serious bummer for someone who enjoys food and cooking so much? I couldn’t even handle the smell of the oven being on. But things are getting better now, so hopefully I’ll be cooking up a storm again soon!

Anyhow. That’s what’s been going on around here. Thank you to all of you who have continued to browse the archives for recipes and crafts.

In the next couple of weeks I’m going to be posting some easy handmade gift ideas for the holidays. I hope you enjoy!

Oh, and one last picture you should see.

photo by frost on flower digital photography

Hee hee.

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