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Earlier this week, I shared with you an idea for a handmade beaded necklace. Today, I’m sharing with you the headband I made to go with it.

It’s not super matchy, but has similar colors, and can be easily worn with the necklace or separate. I for this project, I used a headband base I found at a craft store, taffeta and organza in a grey color, silver sequins, and purple bugle beads. The design is really simple, but I feel it gives a nice impact.

I made 3 flowers, each a different size. The largest is in the middle, with the two smaller ones on each side. The 3 flowers are not centered on the headband, but are off to one side. I placed the smallest flower as the one worn closest to the ear as I thought it would be the best balance.

Each flower is made with 3 different concentric circles. I cut each size out of both fabrics and layered the organza on top of the taffeta. Because I was afraid of the fabric fraying (especially the organza) I used a Versa-Tool to carefully burn the edges of each circle to melt the fabric slightly so it won’t fray. It also helped to give the fabric a less regular shape, more like a flower. If you don’t have or are nervous about using a Versa-Tool, you could also use a product like Fray Check, but be aware that it might show a little bit.

Once all the circles were cut and burned, I sewed them together in the center of each flower. As I sewed them, I added a single silver sequin and three purple bugle beads to the center.

The last thing was to attach them to the headband. I put the headband on my own head to get the placement just right, then started with the center flower. The headband I had was covered with a ribbon, and the ribbon was just slightly wider than the metal part of the headband. I sewed the flower onto the headband by catching only the bottom layer of the flower and sewing around the headband tightly. I also caught the thread on the edge of the ribbon where it hung over the metal so it would secure it even better.

Repeat with all the flowers, and you’re done!

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