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Ok, Friends. This is my last post on handmade gifts, and I’m sharing two ideas perfect for kids.

The first are some flower clips that little girls will love. They’re very simple to make and don’t take long at all.

Let’s get started!


The flowers on the left are made with felt and the ones on the right with Ric Rac. Both are put together with hot glue on clips I found in the jewelry section of the craft store.

For the Ric Rac rose, I followed the directions here, stopping while the rose was still small. Then I hot glued the finished product onto the clips.

For the red flowers, I used red felt that I cut into a thin (about 1/4 inch) strip. Then all I did was wrap it in a spiral, adding little dots of glue (I used a craft glue here, as hot glue would’ve been visible) along the way to keep it secure. I cut leaf shapes out of green felt and glued them behind the flowers, then glued the whole thing to the clip with hot glue. Ta-daa!

The second gift is this gingerbread playdough. I found this recipe on Sugarbelle and I really like it. I made it last year to give as gifts for Little Man’s friends, and this year I made up a batch for Little Man to play with. He’s played with it almost every day for the past couple of weeks, he loves it so much. And packaged up in a cute jar with a cookie cutter attached, it makes a perfect gift. And hey– did you know you can adhere paper to glass just by using milk? That’s what I did for these labels. I cut out some cute paper and brushed the back of it with a little milk, then stuck it to the jar. It will stick well, but also come off easily if you get it wet. So much less annoying than peeling stickers off!

Anyway, I hope these last few posts have inspired you to make some beautiful handmade gifts for your loved ones this year. Check back soon for a post on this year’s Christmas cookies!

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