Month: January 2014

Strawberry Lemonade Cake

Over the weekend, we had a little celebration at our house for my Grandma’s birthday.

When talk of my Grandma’s birthday came up, Little Man’s first response was, “We need to bake a cake!” He was very insistent about the cake. Not only did we have to bake a cake, but it needed to have strawberries on top. My three-year old can be very specific.

I’ll be honest, I’m not really much of a cake person. I don’t make many cakes, and I usually choose other desserts over cake when given the option. But when your adorable little boy tells his great-grandma he wants to bake her a cake, you make it happen.

Plus, this would be a great cake to make for Valentine’s day as it’s pink and red! So really, it’s not that weird for me to share a strawberry cake in January, right?


My Cornbread

It’s cold.

Like, really cold. This winter has been disgustingly cold. And today it was cold enough that school districts were closed just because of the wind chill being in the -40’s and -50’s.

When it’s cold, we all want to eat something hearty like soups, stews, and chilis. And what goes better with those things than some good ol’ cornbread?

Now, I’m not a Southern girl, but I did have a Granmammy. She was my great-grandmother, and while as long as I ever knew her she lived in Chicago, she never lost her southern drawl. And my love of all things biscuit and cornbread says I’ve got a little southern in me.


Giraffe and Whale Onesies

Hi friends!

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was solidly OK, but I still feel like I could use about 20 more hours of sleep. Which is pretty much a constant feeling for me these days.

Anyhow. I’m sharing some embellished onesies with you today. I made these, oh, back in August. Nothing like staying on top of things, amirite?

But hey, you’re still getting to see them, right? That counts for something, I’m sure.


On Baking Bread and Remembrance

The last few days have been incredibly difficult ones for me.

On days like today, when my heart is heavily burdened, when my thoughts are clouded and my spirit is grieved, I find myself drawn to performing simple tasks with my hands.

Today I turned off the television, turned away from social media, did my best to shut out all the distractions and baked bread.