Hi Friends!

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve been conspicuously absent for a while. That’s because on May 8, my perfect little girl was born.


And life hasn’t been the same again.

Anyhow, I thought I’d write a quick update to let you know I haven’t dropped off the face of the earth. I do hope to get back to regular blogging at some point, but I’m guessing the next few months my posts will be few and far between seeing as this little girl basically insists on being held 24/7.

I do have a couple of posts in the works, but I’m not sure when I’ll be allowed to get them up. 😉

Meanwhile I’ll just be staring at (and smooching!) this beautiful face.



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  1. She’s perfect, Amber. We also have a new grandbaby boy that was born on May 21st that we’re enjoying so much too. Congratuations!

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