Hi Everyone!

Thanks for stopping by. As you can see, we’ve made some changes around here. I felt like a fresh start was needed, so I’ve been spending the last couple months changing things up!

This blog also has a new domain– byambershands.com— That’s right, we dropped the “.wordpress” so we’re easier to find. If you use the old url, it will redirect here, so no worries!

Additionally, I finally figured out how to put a printable recipe section in my posts (I know, I’m so very far behind the times!) and so I’ve been going back and adding them to my old recipes. I haven’t gotten to all of them yet, so if you see a recipe that you’d like a printable for, send me a line and I’ll move that one to the top of the list! You can send my a message from the About Me page.

I hope you enjoy this fresh new look! Thanks for all the love, friends!

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