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If there’s anything that you want
If there’s anything I can do
Just call on me and I’ll send it along
With love from me to you
-The Beatles

When I found these adorable tag cookie cutters, I knew right away that they needed to be part of our Christmas cookies this year. And when I thought about what to write on them, this song immediately popped into my head. And then my imagination started flowing, figuring out how to combine Christmas with this love theme. Then my sister suggested using a turquoise and red color scheme, and these penguin cookies were born.


Decorate the trees with heart ornaments!


This was our first year trying out stacked cookies– with smaller cookies attached to larger ones. I think they worked out pretty well.

The hearts on top were made with a fondant cutter heart. We also used that cutter to make heart shaped holes in the tags.


I love these little presents. They’re so simple, but I think they’re adorable. The plus side is that they’re really easy to make as well.


I didn’t take many in-process photos this time. The techniques we used were ones I’ve shared here many times. We had 2 icing consistencies– 20-second and piping. We did most everything with 20-second, although for several things we put it in piping bags instead of our usual squeeze bottles just to get cleaner edges. It works pretty well that way, but you definitely have to be careful because it runs out of the tip much faster than the piping icing. We were able to have these almost completely finished in one afternoon/evening, but we did have to wait until the next day to stack the cookies. I also waited to brush on the penguins’ cheeks with luster dust.



Stacking is easy– just add piping icing to the back of the (completely dried) cookie that is to be stacked.


Then just stick it on top and wait for it to dry.


We used pearl sugar for the snow on these snow globes. The shape of the pearl sugar reminds me so much of the flaky snow in a snow globe. We put it on while the turquoise was still wet, although on some of them we should’ve waited a little longer because the sugar sunk a bit more than we were hoping. After placing the penguins on the snow globes, we also added a little pearl sugar to the snow on the bottom.


Aren’t they sweet? I love these penguin cookies so much.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of you.

Penguin Cookies -by amber's hands-

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