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15 No Candy No Junk Easter Basket Ideas -by amber's hands-

I don’t know about you, but it feels like every time I turn around there’s another event that involves someone giving candy to my children. Anybody else feel that way? I feel like the constant influx of candy makes it difficult to reduce the overall intake of sugar around here. I also don’t want to be the bad guy who doesn’t let their kids have the candy given them. So what’s a mama to do? I’ve decided to make a concerted effort this Easter to fill their Easter baskets with awesome things that aren’t candy. And I thought you might like that idea, too, so I’m sharing with you 15 no Candy, no Junk Easter basket ideas.

I have some additional criteria for these items. It’s not enough that they’re just not candy, they also must be things that don’t just clutter up my house. I don’t need any more trinkets or little junky plastic things, thankyouverymuch. So this list is carefully curated to include only the types of things I’d invite into my own house.

No Candy No Junk Easter Basket Stuffers

Play-Doh Easter Eggs My daughter has been obsessed with Play-Doh since she was a toddler. She’d be so excited to get more of it in cute Easter egg form. And while sometimes the mess of Play-Doh makes me a little crazy as a parent, I know the value of sensory play and it often gets me a solid 20 quiet minutes. I can’t put a price on that!

LEGO Easter Egg Hunt My son is fully into LEGO. Any excuse for a new set is good enough for him. And again, solid 20 quiet minutes. I’m sensing a theme here.

Galaxy Slime Eggs My kids are obsessed with slime. We usually make our own with glue and borax, but ours doesn’t look this awesome. While this one does require that I stay in the same general area to make sure we’re not putting it on the couch, it’s still easier to deal with than silly putty (which someone gave the kids for Christmas. I still haven’t forgiven them.)

The son is at the age now where he’s fully entrenched in learning and retelling jokes. This Easter Joke Book would make his day. Ok, so it does involve me having to listen to more jokes than I probably want to hear, but I’ll take these jokes over the ones he makes up himself. Or try this book of Easter knock knock jokes. It’s lift-the-flap!

I’m a little overly excited about this Easter Eggstravaganza Mad Libs that we ordered. I always loved Mad Libs as a kid (ok, also as an adult) and I think my kids are at an age where the silliness factor will be a huge appeal. Plus it introduces the 7-year-old to parts of sentences.

One thing that I never feel bad about adding to our house is books. I know, we have a ton already and are running out of space, but BOOKS! We have this book and it’s really cute. Go with Little Critter and his family as they celebrate Easter in Happy Easter, Little Critter.

In all the fun of the Easter baskets, candy, decorated eggs, etc. I want to make sure the focus stays on the reason we celebrate. The first The Story of Easter (ages 2-5) book above deals with the story of Jesus in a way that’s appropriate for even the youngest of kids. The second one of the same title, The Story of Easter (ages 4-8), is a bit more in depth for older kiddos. Or how about an Easter Pop-up Book?

An Easter Activity Book could be really helpful for kids who need to stay quiet during a church service or while they’re waiting for Easter dinner to be ready!

My kids both love playing games together as a family, and this Easter Card Game has 3 games in 1!

The daughter has been completely obsessed with Temporary Tattoos for quite some time. She keeps finding them and now knows how to put them on by herself. She’s going to be over the moon when she finds these in her Easter basket.

I don’t know about your kids, but my kids always seem to have more energy than they know what to do with. Why not get them a Jump Rope to help get all their wiggles out?

OMG how adorable is this Easter Sidewalk Chalk? I’m not sure it’ll be warm enough in Minnesota by Easter for us to use these, but if you live in a warmer clime than I, send those kids outside and watch their creativity shine!

We love EOS Lip Balm. The first time I put one of these in LM’s Easter basket he was floored that there was lip balm inside this egg-shaped container. We’re constantly losing lip balm around here, so we can never have enough.

Squee! These adorable little chickies are Easter Soap! My kids love getting holiday-themed soap and I love that it motivates them to get clean. Yay for cute things that keep my kids from stinking!


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What do you think? Do you have other no candy no junk Easter basket ideas to share? I want to hear them! Hit me up in the comments!

15 No Candy No Junk Easter Basket Ideas -by amber's hands-
15 No Candy No Junk Easter Basket Ideas -by amber's hands-

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