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4th of July Banner - Free Printable

The 4th of July is next week! So today I’m sharing with you this free printable for making super easy decorations for your Independence Day celebration! This vintage looking banner comes together really fast and is a perfect addition to your holiday festivities!

4th of July Banner

Tools you will need:

Ivory Cardstock
Color Printer (or access to a place that can print for you)
Scotch Tape
Jute Twine
Free Printable (instructions on how to download at the bottom of the post)

4th of July Banner - Free Printable

You guys, this is so simple to put together. I took about 15 minutes from start to finish, even with my kids helping me! I know, amazing, right?

First, print out your stars on ivory cardstock using the “fine” setting so you get a good saturated color. Print out as many copies as you need for the size banner you want.

Then cut out each star and lay out the pattern as you want it.

Next, lay the stars face down with a couple of inches between them. (I used my floor boards to measure my distance!)

4th of July Banner - Free Printable

Lay your twine over the stars. I taped my twine to the floor to keep it straight. Then tape the twine to the back of each star. Trim the tape as necessary so it doesn’t show.

Now it’s ready to hang!

4th of July Banner - Free Printable

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4th of July Banner - Free Printable

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