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DIY Felt Halloween Masks -by amber's hands-

These super simple DIY Halloween masks are a great project to work on with your kids this month! Dress up like Frankenstein, a black cat, a mummy, or a Jack O’ Lantern to celebrate all October long!

This project is perfect for sewing beginners and pros alike. Felt is very forgiving and inexpensive to work with, so you can even let your kids help you make these!

Let’s get started!


Here are the materials you’ll need to complete this project:

Free Printable Patterns
Craft felt in black, white, light pink, orange, lime green, purple, and dark green
Thread in the same colors
1/4 inch black elastic, cut in 15″ lengths (or measure on the child you’re making them for)
Sewing Machine


Use the patterns to cut your felt pieces, then pin them in place. Pin each end of the elastic to the sides of each mask.

DIY Felt Halloween Masks -by amber's hands-

Use a sewing machine to sew down each piece, and sew all along the edge of the mask as well as around each eye hole. This will help keep the mask’s shape as well as attach the elastic.

I kept my seam allowance to about 1/8 of an inch or even a little less.

If you do not already have a sewing machine, I highly recommend this one for a beginner machine. It’s inexpensive and easy to use, plus it has a ton of functions. It’s pretty lightweight, which is nice for carrying, but not the best if you’re going to sew really heavy duty items. But if you’re looking for a good starting place, I’ve been very happy with mine.

DIY Felt Halloween Masks -by amber's hands-

My kids are super stoked about these! They’re getting different Halloween costumes (if I can pull them together here quick) but these are just super fun to play with!

DIY Felt Halloween Masks -by amber's hands-

DIY Felt Halloween Masks -by amber's hands-

Be afraid! Be very afraid!

Are you completely intimidated by a sewing project? I’ve got you covered! You can also print paper versions of these masks!

These patterns and printables are available as part of my Free Resource Library open to all of my subscribers. Subscribe today to get instant access!

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An easy beginner sewing project with free patterns! #sewing #halloween #kids
Create these kids masks with free printable patterns! #diy #halloween #masks #felt #sewing

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