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Free Advent Calendar Printables: Advent activities and scripture -by amber's hands-

Last weekend, we pulled out all our Christmas decorations. More than the tree, the wreath, the stockings, or the ornaments, my kids were excited about their advent calendar. Every year we fill our advent calendar with activities and scripture to take us through the advent season. And now I have free advent calendar printables for you to enjoy with your family!

Free Printable Advent Calendar Activities -by amber's hands-

Last year I shared about our advent activities. These are fun, special things we do every day of advent. But let me be clear– most of them are really low key! Things like “drink hot cocoa” and “color a Christmas coloring page.” We have a few bigger things, but I think you’ll agree that as a parent, you don’t need to add a bunch of extra work for yourself at Christmas!

Free Advent Calendar Printables: Advent activities and scripture -by amber's hands-

This year I also made scripture printables so you can tell the Christmas story as you go! I’d had some other ones I found elsewhere, but our advent calendar doesn’t have really large cavities so I had to scale them down and the text was so hard to read! Now we don’t have to go blind.

I recommend printing these on white cardstock– they’re sturdy and have lasted for us for several years!

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Get free downloads of daily advent activities and scripture reading for your advent calendar! #advent #calendar #free #printables
Get free printables for your advent calendar! Fantastic activities to do with your kids, plus scripture each day to tell the Christmas story! #advent #calendar #free #printables

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  1. We printed ours and are really excited to use them this year! Thank you for making these, cause making printables is not one of my gifts!

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