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Rudolph Christmas Cookies -by amber's hands-

It’s that time again to share our Christmas cookies for this year! We settled on a Rudolph theme and I’m so happy to share them with you! Without further ado, our Rudolph Christmas cookies!

Rudolph Christmas Cookies

I have to give my sister mad props for her creativity this year. 

Rudolph Christmas Cookies -by amber's hands-

She had a really creative moment in choosing these shapes for our cookies so we didn’t have to buy any new or specialty cookie cutters (which is good because my stash is completely out of control!)

We have a monkey head shape, an ice cream cone, two plaque shapes, and a signpost. You really don’t have to have specialized cutters if you use your imagination a little!

Rudolph Christmas Cookies -by amber's hands-

We used a total of eight colors of royal icing, most of it thinned to 20-second consistency. (This means the royal icing was thinned with water until it reached a consistency that if a line was drawn in the icing, it would disappear at about the 20-second mark. We use a clean spray bottle filled with water to add water slowly to keep the icing from breaking.)

We used a combination of squeeze bottles and decorating bags fitted with round piping tips of different sizes, depending on what we needed to make with them.


I couldn’t find exact matches to some of our cutters, but I found the most similar I could find. That being said, you can be really creative with the cutters you use!

Monkey Cutter
Ice Cream Cone Cutter
Scalloped Edge Plaque Cutter
Plain Edge Plaque Cutter
Sign Post Cutter
Squeeze bottles
Decorating bags
Icing Tips
Scriber Needle Tool


At each step, there’s drying required between colors so that they keep distinct shapes. Using 20-second icing means it dries enough in about 15-20 minutes. We place the drying cookies in front of an oscillating fan. 

Since we had five designs, there was always something for us to work on while we waited for the others to dry.

Here’s a little look at what the Yukon Cornelius cookie process was like.

Rudolph Christmas Cookies -by amber's hands-

I have to say, you guys. I really love these cookies.

Rudolph Christmas Cookies -by amber's hands-

I mean, seriously. How cute is this Bumble?!?

What do you think? Have you ever tried decorating sugar cookies like this? Would you try it?

See how I created these Rudolph Christmas cookies using sugar cookies and royal icing! #decoratedcookies #sugarcookies #christmascookies #cookieart
These Rudolph Christmas cookies are made with only sugar cookies and royal icing! #decoratedcookies #sugarcookies #christmascookies #cookieart

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