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Wonder Woman Birthday Party -by amber's hands-

You guys, my baby is FIVE! A girl only turns five once, so we had an epic Wonder Woman party over the weekend, complete with superhero masks and a “training” course!

Wonder Woman Party

There are a few things that go into a great party, and one of them is the decor!


Wonder Woman Birthday Party -by amber's hands-

In accordance with my rules about throwing parties without losing your mind, I focused on just one area to create an impact.

My mom is a fabric hoarder enthusiast and she had this gorgeous red silk fabric that we draped behind the table.

Beyond that, we decorated with:

Red White and Blue Fans with Star Banner

White and Gold Paper Fans

Blue Tablecloth

And obviously we had to decorate the birthday girl!!

She already had a Wonder Woman shirt, so we got this blue star-studded skirt to go with it. Then my mom put together the tiara and cuffs using gold and red glitter foam sheets, a toilet paper roll, and hot glue!


Wonder Woman Birthday Party -by amber's hands-

We kept the food pretty simple. I put effort into the cake to make a statement, but beyond that we had popcorn and veggie straws, fruit (within our color theme!) and veggies, and red, white, and gold chocolate balls.

I’m pretty happy with how this cake turned out. I made an 8″ tier and topped it with a 6″ tier. I frosted it with buttercream and used fondant accents. The topper is a disk of fondant I dried, to which I attached an edible image printed at our local cake supply shop.

–>Here’s the fondant recipe I used<–

To make things easier on myself, I made the cake layers a few days ahead, wrapped them well, and stored them in the freezer. I frosted the cake frozen on the morning of the party, as I find this leads to straighter edges.

Wonder Woman Birthday Party -by amber's hands-

The fondant accents I created the night before the party. I used these word balloon cookie cutters and hand-painted them with gel food coloring thinned out just slightly with a few drops of vodka.

For the Wonder Woman emblem, I printed out an image I found online, cut it out of paper, then laid the paper on top of the fondant and cut with a knife. I used yellow fondant, then after cutting it out, I brushed on gold lustre dust mixed with a little vodka to give it a metallic look.

To attach the fondant to the cake, I just pressed the fondant onto the buttercream as soon as it was frosted. They stayed put, even though I rolled the fondant a little thick. 😝


Wonder Woman Birthday Party -by amber's hands-

I also printed these superhero masks for each kid to decorate and wear for the party. They seemed to really enjoy creating their own superhero personas!

Then for the activity, we had “Superhero Training!”

It was an obstacle course my husband set up. The kids seemed to enjoy it!

We have a little play set in our backyard, and I’ve come to accept that the kids would always prefer to play there. So I don’t knock myself out creating a lot of activities anymore. Everyone has fun, and that’s what matters!

This girl was so happy to turn 5!

Wonder Woman Birthday Party -by amber's hands-

I could not believe how chill this party was. We had 10 4-5 year-olds and they all played great together!

For favors, we gave out these cute Wonder Woman snap bracelets, comic book stickers, Justice League graham crackers, and blue and red Sixlets.

Wonder Woman Birthday Party -by amber's hands-
Find out how we pulled off this epic Wonder Woman Party for this adorable 5-year-old! #birthday #wonderwoman #party #girl
All the details of this 5-year-old's Wonder Woman Birthday Party! #birthday #party #kid #girl #wonderwoman

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