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DIY Felt Flower Wreath -by amber's hands-

I don’t know about you, but I can use some brightness in my life right about now. This beautiful, springtime felt flower wreath is a super simple DIY project that looks way harder than it is. I’ll walk you through all the steps to making different flowers– you don’t need ANY sewing experience. This is a completely no-sew project!

Felt Flower Wreath

This project is sooo simple, you guys. And it’s super customizable to your house. Pick whatever colors of felt work for you and what sort of wreath works for your decor!

Supplies Needed:


I broke down this tutorial into the different flowers, which I gave names but we’re not at all strict here. These don’t look exactly like any particular flower, and you can change them up really easily to your liking.

I also am keeping the instructions sort of loosey-goosey in that I’m giving you the shapes of each flower and the method for making them, but I’m not giving you exact templates or sizes as it’s up to you how big you want to make them. A lot of that depends on the size of your wreath!

Let’s get started!


Felt rose

Ok, these roses are the absolute easiest ever, so let’s start here. You might remember the paper version from this post! Start with a square, then cut it into a circle. Then cut a rough spiral. Starting from the end, coil it around until you get to the middle, as pictured. When you reach the center, use hot glue to glue it in place.

Felt rose

It should look roughly like this. You can easily make these in different sizes by starting out with different sized squares.


Felt camellia

The rest of these flowers are made by creating a center piece and gluing petals around it.

For this flower, I used a white felt rectangle that I made snips into. I cut along one long side, about halfway down at about 1/4 inch intervals. Then I rolled it starting from one short end and secured with hot glue when I got to the other end.

I cut two sizes of petals. I started with squares, then cut them into the shapes you see above. It’s not necessary that they be exactly the same, just close. I used seven smaller petals and five larger ones.

When you glue the petals on, overlap the petals a bit as shown. Do all the smaller petals, then the larger ones. Don’t worry about lining them up exactly on the bottom as you can trim the bottom easily.

Felt camellia

After the glue dries, you can spread out the petals more or less as you like.


Felt anemone

For this flower, I used a mini pom pom that I raided from my kid’s art supply bin for the center. I legit even made them find it for me. I’m such a great mom.

Pom moms are great as centers for these felt flowers, but if you don’t have any on hand, in the next flower I’ll show you an alternative that works well.

I used the same technique as the first flower to create a center piece, except I cut a much thinner fringe, and then glued it around the pom pom.

I find in all cases that having excess felt is helpful, so make the rectangle a little longer than needed so you can trim it just at the right place. After I glued the pink fringe on the pom pom, I also trimmed the bottom of the pink so it didn’t extend past the pom pom at the base.

As for the petals, I started again with squares and made two sizes. You need four smaller petals and five larger ones for this flower. Glue the four smaller ones evenly around the base, then do the larger ones starting at a place where two smaller ones come together.

Felt anemone

As with the last flower, it’s more important to line up the tops of your petals where you want them to be and don’t worry about the base as you can easily trim it to be even once it’s done.


Felt daisy

For the daisy, I wanted a grey center but I didn’t have any grey pom poms so instead I just made a knot with some grey felt and it worked really well.

Cut a strip of grey felt and tie a knot in the center. Then pinch the two ends together and work from there. I made a yellow fringe just like the pink one from the anemone and glued it around the knot.

The petals for the daisy start with rectangles that get one end rounded. The daisy petals are all the same size and I used eleven. Glue the petals overlapping slightly until you use them all.

Felt daisy

Trim the excess from the bottom of the flower when you’ve glued everything on.


Felt carnation

I’m calling this a carnation. Not sure it looks exactly like a carnation, but it’s just a happy little puffball of a flower. It’s super duper easy.

Take a length of felt and fold it in half lengthwise. Then cut at 1/4 inch intervals on the folded edge about halfway through. Once you’ve cut along the full length, roll it from one short edge to the other and glue in place.

This also can work really well as a center of another flower if you make it a little smaller– you can play around with the sizes of all these flowers!– and glue petals around it.


Felt leaves

I opted to keep my leaves super simple, but you can get more complicated if you like. I made all my leaves the same but varied the sizes a little.

Start with a rectangle, then cut a point on one end and round out the other while leaving the base square, as shown. Glue a line of hot glue down the center at the base, about 1/4 of the length or so. Pinch the two sides of the base together and hold until glue has dried enough to keep it in place.

Putting It Together

DIY Felt Flower Wreath -by amber's hands-

After the flowers are done, all that’s left is to glue them onto the wreath.

Start with your biggest flowers and then add the smaller ones. I put the leaves on last.

It’s always a good idea to lay it all out first, then go back and glue.

DIY Felt Flower Wreath -by amber's hands-

That’s it! I told you it was super easy. It’s a project that you can get done in a couple of hours and then you have a super cute thing to hang up on your door or in a window.

If you’re looking for another project to brighten your windows, check out this Stained Glass Suncatcher Craft!

DIY Felt Flower Wreath -by amber's hands-

I used a wide ribbon to hang mine.

DIY Felt Flower Wreath -by amber's hands-

I made two to hang on our French doors out to the back yard.

I would suggest, if you’re making two like I did, that you cut everything out together. I didn’t do this, as I was making up the flowers as I went along and then redid them all for the second one, and there’s definitely more variation in size between the two sets of flowers than I would’ve wanted.

But if you’re only making one, you don’t have to be very exact at all with any of your sizes! Do what works for your house and your wreath!

What do you think? Does this feel like a project you could tackle?

Creating a felt flower wreath is so much easier than you've ever imagined. No sewing skills necessary, just scissors, a glue gun, felt, and a wreath! Easily done in a day. #wreath #felt #flowers #spring #decor #homedecor #DIY #interior
Create this felt flower wreath with no sewing skills. It's so much easier than it looks! Brighten up your space in one day! #wreath #felt #flowers #spring #decor #homedecor #DIY #interior #newsew #fabric #projects

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