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Perfect Match Valentine Card -by amber's hands-

It’s almost Valentine’s Day yet again. And if you’re looking for the perfect card for your perfect match, I’ve got you covered! This perfect match Valentine card is free to print, which makes letting your sweetheart know how you feel that much easier!

Perfect Match Valentine

Perfect Match Valentine Card -by amber's hands-

Sometimes it can be hard to find the right card in the store. And even if you do, cards are getting expensive!

And given everything that’s going on, you may want to avoid stores altogether! If you’re still wanting to give your special someone a card, this one might be just what you’re looking for.

Perfect Match Valentine Card -by amber's hands-

This is a hand-drawn card with a cute, flirty message that’s perfect whether your relationship is just getting serious or if you’ve been married for fifty years.

Inside, we have a cheeky message for a little bit of fun. However, if you’re feeling like that’s too much for you, you can choose not to print anything on the inside and leave more space to write your own message.

Printing tips

There are instructions in the download of this card, but I wanted to go over some tips to make sure you get the best result possible!

Print on a heavy white cardstock. Print with the highest quality settings your printer has.

Print the first page alone. Then re-load the paper (make sure you’re loading the correct way to print the inside the right direction) and print the second page.

You may want to print a test page first to make sure you know how it will print.

There are marks on the page to help you know where to fold and cut to get the right size. When cut, this card is a standard A7 sized card (5″x7″).

To fold the most cleanly, I like using a bone folder and a ruler to score lightly.

Free Printable Holiday Card -by amber's hands-

Also, I suggest cutting on the cut lines like this first, before you cut each side the whole way. Otherwise you’ll be cutting off the cross lines before you need to use them.

Perfect Match Valentine Card -by amber's hands-

That’s it!

This card is available in my Free Resource Library, which is a perk you get when you sign up for my newsletter! Sign up below to get access in minutes!

Not quite your style? My Coffee Lover’s Valentine card is also available to print!

FREE PRINTABLE Valentine Card! Give this fun and flirty card to your sweetheart this year to let them know how hot your love is! #free #printable #valentine #card #perfectmatch #hot #love #valentinesday
Get this free printable Perfect Match Valentine card to give your your special someone this year! Hand-drawn illustration and cheeky message makes for a fun and flirty message! #free #printable #valentine #card #perfectmatch #hot #love #valentinesday

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