This is my little space where I share things I make. I invite you to come inside and share in my experiences. Come along side me and we can teach each other.

I’m Amber.

I created this blog in 2010 to be a place for inspiration in your home. Here we make food and gifts, we throw parties, and we create things to delight.
From my hands to yours.

I am a mother of two, working from home while I raise my munchkins alongside my husband. We love having fun in our house, and creating new things. We love God. We love good stories. And we love to eat.

In May of 2017, I switched to eating a ketogenic diet after a lot of research into the science of how our bodies work, specifically in regards to how our bodies handle insulin. After making the switch, I was able to lose twenty pounds and regained so much energy I’d lost over the years. I feel better than I ever remember, and I’ll never go back to eating the old way.

On this blog, I share my journey on this diet as well as lots of recipes I develop that fit within the parameters of keto eating. I don’t believe a change in diet should mean you don’t get to enjoy yourself! I eat delicious food, but now I’m eating in a way that makes my body function so much better!

Read more about my keto journey here!

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