Low Carb Finska Kakor

It’s Christmas cookie season! I love taking old favorites and making them low carb, and Christmas cookies are no exception! These almond shortbread cookies, called Finska Kakor, are both exceptionally easy and super delicious. My two favorite things!


Perfect Mashed Cauliflower

Perfect Mashed Cauliflower -by amber's hands-

If you’ve been unimpressed with mashed cauliflower in the past, I ask you to give it one more chance because I’ve figured out how to make the perfect mashed cauliflower. It’s thick and creamy and has the most velvety texture.


6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes

6 Keto Candy Bar Recipes -by amber's hands-

One of the best ways to stick to a diet is to avoid temptation. But this time of year, it feels like there is candy lurking around every corner! Luckily, these six keto candy bar recipes are here to stand in for your old favorites so you can walk right on past that candy aisle.


Keto Almond Joy Bars

Keto Almond Joy Bars -by amber's hands-

Almond. Coconut. Chocolate. Such a great combination. And absolutely no reason why it can’t be low carb. These keto almond joy bars have all the flavors of the original but with only 2.5 net carbs each!


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